Tasmania Leads in Tourism in Australia

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If there is one thing that has been proved beyond reasonable doubt is that Australians are taking their vacations more seriously than ever before. This has been brought out by a study conducted by CommSec. This movement is in addition to the growing influx of International tourists into the country.  Tasmania, it has been found is the growth engine in this respect. A few cold statistics will prove this point.

First is the accommodation angle with occupancy and rates taking centre stage. Both are on the rise. Average room occupancy rose by a record 66.7%, a boom not seen in Australia over the past 18 years. Truly outstanding by any standards!

In State national takings, average room rent were up by 1.8% when considered year to year at around $174.62. Here, Tasmania has taken the lead with 11% with Northern Territory 4.8%, Victoria 0.5% and ACT a distant 0.1%. This shows that for the tourism sector, others have a whole lot of catching up to so. The only aberration is Western Australia that had a fall of 4.0%.

However, there is a change to this scenario in case of occupancy rate. Here, Victoria takes the lead with 71.8% followed by ACT 70.6%, NSW 69.2%, Tasmania 66.8%. Queensland 63.4%, SA 63.02%, NT 61.8% and WA 60.8%. Now if these figures have to be analysed, one thing is very obvious. That if Tasmania leads in earnings but drops to 4th in occupancy, it is the luxury accommodation in Tasmania category that is much in demand.

Most interestingly, this is not restricted to capital Hobart only. The state has something to offer for all tastes – shimmering beaches, rugged mountains, serene bays, and a tranquil solitude that is exclusive to Tasmania. And in most places, exclusive luxury rentals are on offer for the discerning top end tourist.

This is echoed by the who’s who of Tasmanian tourism. Says Tourism Industry Council Tasmania CEO Luke Martin, “It’s a pretty good result. We’re ahead of Queensland and that occupancy is across all the regions not just Hobart. When you see it regionally, it’s good.” Steve Old, General Manager of Tasmania Hospitality Association puts things in the proper perspective when he says, “Accommodation in Tasmania, especially in Hobart and surrounding areas is near all-time record levels and with strong investment already planned for Hobart, we need to maintain these levels and continue to grow.’’ Finally, Premier and Tourism Minister Will Hodgman is very optimistic. “It’s great news for our economy, Tasmanian businesses and local jobs, and while there is much more to do, the industry is heading in the right direction.”

One of the reasons for the booming Australian tourist industry is the Big Bash League that provides wholesome entertainment for the whole family. It is truly fun with tourists getting to meet players off field and taking part in unbridled entertainment, all in an environment that has something for all age groups. Most importantly, tickets are affordable with a difference in rates for adults and kids. Cafes and retail stores to shop till one drops adds to the attraction of Australian tourism.

Of course it has to be acknowledged that the large choice of accommodation options is one of the primary reasons responsible for this exponential growth.