Proud of your Beauty Salon Services – Showcase it Gogglebox


Gogglebox and Four in a Bed production companies behind hit Channel 4 shows are on to a new series that seeks to showcase the best of beauty salons in the UK. The series titled Britain’s Best Beauty Salons targets owners who want to showcase their facilities and talent and would like to highlight why each stands above the rest.

But first, for the uninitiated, a word about Gogglebox will be in order. Chanel 4 of which Gogglebox is a part as a production house have stellar hits to their name of which Celebrity Big Brother has been at the top of the list with an international audience and high TRPs. Chanel 4 is known to have very strict policies and in the past, celebrities have been shown the door after they took part in other shows. An exception seems to have been made for Scarlett Moffatt who will be welcomed back after she goes through her act at “I’m a Celebrity”.

The latest from Channel 4 and Gogglebox is this program on Beauty Salons. Studio Lambert, a reputed salon in their own right, have invited other salon owners to join the show and tell the audience about the services offered by them and what makes them exclusive in this industry. It also offers an opportunity to salon owners to talk about the services that they are proud of and the equipment that they use.

A few examples will illustrate this point better.

Now, most salons and beauty spas offer high quality permanent hair removal and skin rejuvenation therapies. Owners will get a chance to explain in detail the working of these machines to draw in potential clients at the clinic. IPL laser machines are used for this purpose. Strobes of light are focused on the area of treatment. It travels below the epidermis and dermis along the hair follicle and destroys the root or bulb. About 5 to 6 monthly sessions are required for total permanent hair removal.

While IPL machines have a diffused light and are thus perfect to remove fine hair on skin types 1 to 3. Laser on the other hand is more powerful and treats areas with coarse hair also and is good for all skin types. Salon owners on the show can talk in detail on this issue and explain to viewers the safety precautions taken by them and the expertise and qualifications of people handling this equipment. This will add to the confidence of clients that plan to avail their services based on what they are told on the show.

The producers would also want to hear all about the other forms of beauty treatments offered at the clinics. Owners would be encouraged to talk about fake tans and gold facials, chocolate wraps and other conventional and out-of-the-ordinary treatments. People would obviously like to get an exclusive ring-side view of the internal mechanism of a beauty salon.

The only condition is that participating salon owners should be UK residents and be over 18 years in age.

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