Mick Fabar and Energy Efficient Homes


Mick Fabar is widely known as the pioneer behind energy efficient homes in Australia. His first foray into the construction business was in 2001 when he founded Mick Fabar Constructions in his hometown Orange NSW. He quickly established a name in the business and in 2005, just 4 years after its inception, the company won an excellence award from the Master Builders Association for a redevelopment project.

In 2006, Mick decided to diversify into building energy efficient homes that lowered electricity consumption and by default energy bills. For this, he floated a sister concern to his original construction firm and aptly named it Green Homes Australia. All building plans of this company incorporated certain unique features – Installing solar energy plants, rain water harvesting, recycling solutions and use of energy efficient fittings like doors and windows. This resulted in cooler interiors even in peak summers and warmer homes in even the severest of winters.

For his efforts, Mick has received numerous awards from the Housing Industry and even prestigious ISO certifications. All buildings, whether residential or commercial constructed by Green Homes Australia are today internationally deemed to be energy efficient ones.

However, Mick wanted to share his knowledge with other builders so that the concept would spread far and wide and millions of Aussie homeowners would benefit from Mick’s expertise. To this end, in 2008, he built two model homes in Orange that had all the features of an energy efficient home. Mick then invited builders from all over the country to share his experience on a franchise basis. Almost 20 builders from Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia have responded to his call till date.

The first two day national conference of the franchisees was held on Thursday, 13th November 2014 at Duntry league where Mick addressed the gathering.

He said, “We’ve got a couple of hundred houses in construction at the moment and few hundred in the design phase.” He went on to add that customers today were very much aware of the latest improvements in construction technologies and wanted green and energy sustainable homes. These homes do not cost the earth to build. In fact in the hands of the right builder and expert, they cost as much as conventional homes that were energy guzzlers in extreme weather because of artificial heating and cooling solutions.

Mick lamented that the reason for slow takeoff of this concept was that the basic principles were not understood by most builders. It had to be understood that having solar panels and inside insulation were just two ways to achieve the goals and there was more to it than that. He advised the franchisees to make an all out effort to slot in the techniques in the building plans after being fully conversant with the process themselves.

On a brighter note, Mick Fabar informed the franchisees that there were a couple of hundred houses in construction at the moment and few hundred in the design phase. More than 200 houses had been completed by that time. Further, three more builders at Wollongong, Tamworth and Camden were set to launch in January (2015) and there were also discussions under way with Western Australian builders interested in going green.

Since the conference in 2014, there has been an exponential boom in green house construction in Australia, thanks to Mick Fabar Green Homes Australia and his dedicated team of franchisees.