Climate Change – A Globally Hot Topic


In the wake of the rising clamour about climate change and other environmental issues, scientists, researchers and environmentalists across the globe have iterated that it’s not too late yet and our environment can still be saved. With a disciplined and responsible approach, the situation can still be salvaged.

The situation demands a higher level of responsibility on our part. It important for us to understand that even a miniscule carbon footprint has a big influence on the larger picture of climate change. According to the experts we need to adopt certain measures to counter the dire course of global warming. Here are some leading strategies that scientists intend to implement in order to restore and safeguard our ravaged ecosystem.

  1. The suggestion that tops the list is to implement more stringent carbon emission caps. Reducing carbon emissions is high on the agenda in the view of tackling climate change issues. We can enhance our energy efficiency by conserving usage and embracing renewable energy sources and eco friendly cleaning products.
  2. We need to curtail the usage of least efficient coal fired power plants, reduce the production of methane from upstream oil and gas production and discontinue the practice of subsidies to fossil fuel consumption.
  3. The focus should be on promoting afforestation along with re-establishing the damaged forest cover.

Only by implementing such responsible environmental practices, we can prevent the catastrophic consequences of global climate change.