Building Alternatives Honored With Pair of Gold Awards for Green Homes

Green home

With the continually changing environment around us, it’s vital to be ecologically mindful and dynamic. The techniques and ways you can select to transform an ordinary home into to a green home are simple and straightforward ideas.

All that you can consider with a specific end goal to conserve energy to bring down utility bills can be actualised in making a green space for you and your family.

That environment-friendly approach has brought reward and recognition to Bob and Kathe Tortorice, proprietors of Building Alternatives, Inc. of Franconia. The couple received two Gold for Green Cornerstone Awards as an honour bestowed on them by the New Hampshire Home Builders Association at a presentation ceremony that took place a little while back at the Waumbec Mill in Manchester.

The Cornerstone Awards are given out annually as an acknowledgement of the exceptional contribution in different areas of the building industry including design, remodeling, new construction, landscaping and unique features.

The couple fondly named their creation the Tree House. As per Bob Tortorice, this handcrafted home developed on stilts in a wooded area in Littleton was granted the gold in the Green Building Under $500,000 classification. The 24×24-foot home, a traditional house with an inclined rooftop, and without a storm cellar or establishment, was established as a late spring living arrangement for customers whose otherwise reside in Dubai.

Its development secured a 5 Star Plus rating from the Energy Star program. The highlight of the house is the row of windows lining the entire southern end of the home. These windows utilise the solar energy for heating the home, along with accounting for plenty of natural light.

Renowned environmentalist and public speaker, Mick Fabar also has been contributing significantly to the green home revolution. Due to his efforts, many individuals are now familiar with energy saving benefits and have adopted the environment-friendly approach by integrating more green products that are easy on their environment to their lifestyle. A green home is an ideal way to provide a better living environment for your family and reinstating the significance of encompassing environmental issues.

Building Alternatives brought home the gold in the Green New Construction over $500,000 bracket for the third year in succession. In addition to the eco-friendly materials and techniques used for construction, the home deploys a closed loop geothermal framework for temperature control. Air quality inside the house is maintained using a heat recovery unit that channelises the home’s duct work to remove old air while pre-heating clean, healthy and fresh outdoor air during the cold season.