Artificial Intelligence Drives Kolibree’s Ara Toothbrush

smart toothbrush

The first toothbrush with embedded artificial intelligence (AI), ARA is here. Kolibree, a tech company introduced the device which is designed to help users improve their oral health and foster healthy oral habits in children. The product is recognised for its ability to get into the deepest crevices of your teeth and around the gums for a truly radiant, clean and healthy smile.

Kolibree founder and CEO Thomas Serval said that “Ara is our newest innovation for personalised healthcare, with an eye on disease prevention and wellness”.

Ara goes above and beyond other similar devices that you may be familiar with, by using artificial intelligence to record the brushing habits and this is what makes it the best smart toothbrush among all the similar devices in the market today.

Ara has 3D motion sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer to track which part of the mouth is getting cleaned and which not, even when the toothbrush is not connected to the app on the user’s mobile device. Whether you are brushing online or offline, the patented deep learning algorithms capture the brushing frequency, duration and the brushed areas. All the captured data is automatically synchronised via Bluetooth when the app is open. In addition, it also utilises gentle sonic vibrations to effectively remove plaque.

There is no better way to view your brushing data than on the Kolibree application. All of the data is stored on the application that is on your smartphone. The app also has a mobile game which acts as an incentive for the children to brush their teeth.

The primary reason for the AI component is to analyse the behaviour of the user and provide personalised feedback regarding oral hygiene such as the most frequently brushed areas, brushed zones and brushing duration. The information helps the user determine where more brushing is needed, the required time duration and the areas which need more attention. With this feature, the user can improve and maintain their dental health and also reduce dentist visits.

Ara rate  the user both online and offline i.e. even if the app is not open it stores all the information. The rating enables the users to make better decisions for their brushing needs and maintain the progress at all times. The other advantage it offers is the email report. In case the user forgets to check the app, the brand delivers a weekly report to keep you updated on your progress.

There are many benefits the Ara by Kolibree has to offer when you incorporate it into your daily routine. With this device, you will attain comprehensive support that is truly needed for a glowing, radiant, and healthy smile. Kolibree plans to start a clinical study in spring 2017 in Europe and the US to validate the value of artificial intelligence in improving oral health. The product is priced at USD $129 which is an introductory price,  the orders can be placed at