$5 million for Small Business Delivery Startup Sendle

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When a start-up achieves 20% month-on-month growth over a period of one year, people do sit up and take notice. That is exactly why Sendle, a small business parcel delivery start-up has managed to raise a staggering $5 million in funding from investors including well known Full Circle Venture Capital, Black Sheep Capital and Rampersand.

This is in addition to the $3 million Sendle had raised earlier with NRMA bringing in $1.8 million. They and other high worth investors have joined the latest round of funding too.

Founder and chief executive James Chan Moody is naturally upbeat about his company’s prospects. He feels that this high growth phase is because of Sendle facilitating small businesses by providing optimised customer solutions and logistic support. He says that the difference between a large company and someone at home selling goods is they want to watch every parcel, so they want someone to take the same care for delivery as they do in making the product.

This thought is similar to what any top business consultant service advises its clients – that hiring a top delivery logistics company is crucial to increase business efficiencies and maximize growth.

The USP of Sendle is that its small parcel delivery charges are cheaper than Australia Post. This is possible because it has coordinated its delivery using the network of big businesses. Thus overheads and operational expenses are low – savings that are passed on to customers.

Sendle has also carved a niche in environmental friendly small parcel delivery scenario. It is the only carbon free delivery service in Australia. This has helped them get sizeable funding from Giant Leap, run by the Impact Investment Group that exclusively invests in companies that cares for environmental and social issues.

On future growth prospects, Mr. Moody is quite realistic. “It’s hard to keep growing at this rate, although we’d love to. The real technology behind Sendle is the ability to unlock big business parcel logistics and make it available to small business in the easiest way possible,” he said.

Today, Sendle supports almost $100 million of small business turnover in delivery services. The bulk is of course micro business as per the company’s goals but a large number of reputed brands are also availing their services.

It is therefore a win-win situation for Sendle and Mr. Moody.