Beating the Heat War When Purchasing Property

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It is no surprise that changes in weather can dramatically change the buying behaviour of homeowners. Record-breaking heat waves and soaring temperatures have simply enforced the important of a house’s cooling elements. Certain elements like pools were regarded as a drawback, and the existence of one degraded the value of the house, even as recently as the past few years. […]

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Generating RNG with Wastewater

Sometimes the latest advances in renewable energy and eco-friendly steps come from the most unlikely sources. A wastewater project in Phoenix has broken ground as one of the larger renewable projects of its kind in the US. The project is based on bio gas, with the premise that the renewable natural gas can then be sold as a transportation fuel. […]

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Mick Fabar and Energy Efficient Homes


Mick Fabar is widely known as the pioneer behind energy efficient homes in Australia. His first foray into the construction business was in 2001 when he founded Mick Fabar Constructions in his hometown Orange NSW. He quickly established a name in the business and in 2005, just 4 years after its inception, the company won an excellence award from the […]

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Tasmania Leads in Tourism in Australia

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If there is one thing that has been proved beyond reasonable doubt is that Australians are taking their vacations more seriously than ever before. This has been brought out by a study conducted by CommSec. This movement is in addition to the growing influx of International tourists into the country.  Tasmania, it has been found is the growth engine in […]

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Donald Trump’s Presidency – A Curse or Boon for the Canadian citizens

donald trump

Donald Trump’s unexpected election win engendered a widespread feeling of shock across the globe, rattling markets and perplexing political pioneers far and wide. America’s neighbours could feel the impacts more than most. Out of all the peculiar indications of American uneasiness emanating from Donald Trump’s astonishing triumph in the presidential race, maybe the most evident was the CBC’s live reporting […]

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Brisbane Intellectual Property legal advisor appointed the principal of Aitken Partners, Melbourne


A Melbourne firm has reportedly appointed a property legal counsellor pulled in from Queensland as principal.  Malcolm McBratney, who was previously a McCullough Robertson accomplice, collaborated with Aitken Partners this month. Mr McBratney will marshal the business law operations as Aitken Partners’ latest principal. That takes the company’s aggregate number of principals to 10. He has vast involvement and expertise […]

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Donald Trump – Don of a New Era


What do Andrew Jackson (1824), Samuel Tilden (1876), Grover Cleveland (1888), Al Gore (2000) and Hillary Clinton (2016) have in common? Well, they have all been in the unenviable position of winning the popular American vote and still losing the American Presidential elections through Electoral College votes. Defying all odds and the forecast of pundits, Donald Trump has turned the […]

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Exponential Growth in Beauty Devices Sector – Estimated Turnover US $54,186.9 million by 2020


Before going into details of the estimated growth of the beauty devices industry, it will be relevant to know what makes up this industry. Basically it can be categorised in two. The first is those that cater exclusively to skin rejuvenation treatments like facial cleansing and acne removal, oxygen and steamer tools, skin derma and cellulite reducing equipment. The second […]

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$5 million for Small Business Delivery Startup Sendle

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When a start-up achieves 20% month-on-month growth over a period of one year, people do sit up and take notice. That is exactly why Sendle, a small business parcel delivery start-up has managed to raise a staggering $5 million in funding from investors including well known Full Circle Venture Capital, Black Sheep Capital and Rampersand. This is in addition to […]

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Two most important strategies that benefits small business

small business

In the long run you need your small scale business to develop into a major business. For precisely that reason, it is imperative to gain knowledge about different business strategies and identify the most suitable and profitable one. In today’s business world, on account of online networking, small business owners stand shoulder to shoulder with established firms in terms of […]

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